Know more about Young Mentors Progressive Organisation – South Africa

ImageYoung Mentors Progressive Organization forms an essential part in influencing learners and students to adhere into education and learn more about issues pertaining to them. We aspire shaping South Africa via education


After our constructive research and the hard work of our team on educational affairs we pinpointed that, there’s a wide expanse between learners and mentors or rather people who can help them in accord to give them hope into realizing their dreams coming into veracity. Our team initially realized the weight of subsidizing to the future of learners in number of ways. So we offer the kind of support that passionate learners desire to see their dreams coming into veracity.                        

Our team travels to schools at large, providing with superb motivational sessions, more than ever, at the rural areas. We reckon that, at the rural areas there’s a high volume of disadvantaged learners and less help compared to the township schools. So the team of Young Mentors Progressive Organization is passionate and enthusiastic in bringing the lost hope and possible succor that leaners require. However, we address our Mentor-ship and Motivational sessions in the learners level of fathoming because our aim is for them to fathom the inspiring words carried across, words that eradicates the lowlight picture in their brains that perhaps has been influenced by their standard of leaving and wrong choice of association.

Through our short sessions we spend with leaners, we form companionship and the sense that, there are not all alone and that they should only worry about their studies and we take care of the rest. Suffice to say in some of our sessions we bring them people they look up to as their own role models to hand on the words of wisdom that get the most out of their believe that, they can be whoever they want to be regardless of their present statuses.

Our educational programmes are the tools we utilize to prepare learners and redirect their undesirable thoughts into optimistic thinking, hence we all that they are leaders of tomorrow. Furthermore, we guarantee our 100% commitment as forge ahead towards the lane of conquering personages.


  • Effectual Mentor-ship programmes for learners
  • Superb Motivational sessions
  • Educational tours
  • Arts and cultural workshops and competitions
  • Career expos with the range of high profile business people, colleges and universities within the borders of SA 
  • Help to find and or organize bursaries for destitute learners 


So that’s what we do with pride, taking them to that avenue


. Vision

To be the next leading and reliable Organization that strives for excellence in giving hope and access to learners who vista themselves leaders of tomorrow, by giving them the lee-way into the world class education.


. Mission

To converse and aid learners with their study difficulties, 2ndProvide with motivational sessions into schools around SA, 3rdOrganize and facilitate educational programmes, 4thHelp to find and organize bursaries for destitute leaners.

. Values


. High Class Services

. Integrity

. Innovation

. Intellect




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